Sunday, October 25, 2009

A new life...coming soon

As you may realize, this 'hallowed' blog looks like shit, gonna revamp it soon. Hahaha, after my finals perhaps.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

somethn i might not forget anytime soon

Today, at approx 2:00 p.m. local time, a rather helpful but kinda boring yet mind opening talk had been held at the function room. To my surprise....the man dressed up in his formal attire, who i initially thought might have been the janitor from his gesture, actually did a great job and infact managed to carry himself really well. Dr. Kamy as written on his tag, kinda reminds me of the drunk guy i trembled over in C.Highlands few years back. Haha....luckily he didn't say ' r ya aite maite' ?? i wud crack my self up if he did. As an Associate Dean from the Uni of Wstrn Australia, he really seemed cool with all the attandees. As a torpeedo specialist during the Islas Malvinas war, and a lecturer for the past 20 years, he went on and on explaining about the various branches of engineering studies that we cud possibly undertake once finished with ausmat. the words that came out from the doc's mouth were rather realistic...and thinking back bt wht he mentioned...i am still amazed that an engineer might aswell get a higher job 'starting pay' compared to a dentist. Well, maybe i did made the right choice by selecting this engineering course. Hmm...just to say....this guy did a great job and re-inspired most of us throughout his nearly 2 hour talk.

haha....Thoinx Maite'

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

spits of wisdom thou shall remmber...

Damn Miss Britney is hot!!!...Super hot...yeahhh.....spectacularly hot dat her hotness merely leaves any of those XY carriers unmelted. Hot which in general carries the meaning of :
a). Sexually aroused; lustful, and
b). Sexy; attractive
is definitely not precise enough to portray what she means to me...coz shes simply orally indescribable.

The **** i don't get is why do all those perverts, hypocrites, jackasses, douche bags and ******* have to somehow be jealous of her. Can't u guys just back off and leave her alone while u lead ur own miserable lives? Noooooobs la guys....

well, i mean its ok if ur curious of whats goin on with her...but please...dont invade her privacy. respect her capital and human rights for crying out loud. Frankly speaking, she has transmorgrified completely from the old Britney to become the new Britney who is shining brightly as we see her today. So, what else are u unsatisfied with? Maybe only those legions of supporters who have those Britney ethos and are completely devoured to her may understand what i mean by heart. i bet chris crocker does =) Go man !!!

"Britney is the super human
nobody can understand
its normal
how everyone
you dont think

please stop
it´s come back"

Gosh leave her alone!!!